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Bengal Bitumen

Bengal Bitumen

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Bituminous Products

Browse through our unique range of bituminous products, which are characterized by impermeability, durability and resistance to deformation. Our range encompasses bituminous oil primer, bituminous water primer, bitumen sealing compound, bitumen emulsion, expansion joint filler board, aluminum paints and many more. Our bituminous products are homogeneous mortar, that are made mixing superior quality bitumen, mineral fillers and fine aggregates.

Bituminous Primer

Our company is well known in the industry for the manufacture and the export of a high quality of Bituminous Primer which are high on demand and they are used on the surfaces which require water proofing. These primers are made in accordance with the international standards of quality and they are available to the clients at very reasonable rates in the market. These primers are used for undercoating on the asbestos, cement, concrete and on the walls before making the finishing coats.

Features :

  • Crack proof
  • Durable
  • Quick dry.

    Bitumen Sealing Compound

    The company is involved in the export and the manufacture of a wide range of products such as the Bitumen Sealing Compound which are high on demand and they are made using an excellent quality of raw materials and the latest technology is used for manufacturing these products to suit the quality standards which have been set by the industry. These compounds provide the perfect answer to waterproofing and they have the ability to stand the expansion without cracking.

    Features :

    • Highly durable
    • Easy use
    • Resistant to ingression of foreign substances.

    Sealing Compound


    • Resistant to petrol, fuel oil
    • Low susceptibility to flow in hot weather conditions
    • Long lasting Business Details:
    • Pack : 20 Kgs Net
    • Pour point : 180 Max. Bengal Sealing compound.

    Bitumen Emulsion

    Item Code: RS-1
    These emulsions can be used on:
    • Foundations
    • Basements
    • Walls
    • Roofs features
    • Ready to use
    • Saves energy as not requires heating
    • Less road maintenance cost
    • No atmospheric pollution during road laying or maintenance business Details
    • Rapid setting-1 : (RS-1)

    Water Soluble Emulsion

    Item Code: RS-2


    • Dilute with water
    • Ready to use
    • Saves energy as not requires heating
    • No atmospheric pollution
    • Reduced cost of road maintenance Business Details:
    • Rapid Setting-2: (RS-2)
    • Penetration: 80-150
    • Packing: in bulk 200kgs net.

    Acrylic Emulsion

    Item Code: SS-2
    • Saving in energy and maintenance cost
    • Ready to use
    • Cost effective pricing
    • No pollution during road maintenance Business Details:
    • Medium Setting : (MS)
    • Penetration : 60-150
    • Packing : in bulk 200kgs net

    Aluminum Paint

    • Effective in reflecting back the ultra violet rays of sun light
    • Reduction in oxidation aging of membrane
    • Enhancement of membrane life

    Medium Setting Emulsion

    • Easy to dilute in water
    • Cost effective
    • Energy saving
    • Less road maintenance cost Business Details:
    • Medium Setting: (MS)
    • Penetration: 60-150
    • Packing: in bulk 200kgs net

    Slow Setting Emulsion

    Item Code: SS-1
    • Use of super grade bitumen and other additives
    • Ready to use without being heated
    • Decreased road maintenance cost
    • Long service life for roads Business Details:
    • Slow Setting-2 : ( SS-2 )
    • Penetration : 60-120
    • Packing : in bulk 200kgs net.